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Model Viewing Map
Description : Use to view your models/skins for avp2 without hassle

This is a Model Viewing Map. Its basically a really bare map I threw together but I added all 18 multiplayer models to it, which includes the Ancient Pred from Primal Hunt though you can use this just in normal AVP2 and the Queen. I made it so I could view my skins ingame in detail without having to go searching for people willing to pose and then try to keep them from moving around while trying to get screenshots. This is just easier lol. I figure other skinners out there or even just people who want to get screenshots of skins they have on might want to use something like this so that is why I am releasing it. This is a server side mod, which means if you have it on and go on the internet rather than lan to play, nobody else can join unless they have it too, but thats pointless because its not much of a map, no pickups or anything. Its just for model/skin testing. This contains the original Ancient Pred skin, so I suggest if you are testing an Ancient Pred skin, make sure ModelViewer.rez comes before the ancient pred skin rez in the command line or else the default will override it and be used instead.

Info : The map contains the models of all 16 multiplayer classes plus the ancient pred.
Size : 1.2 MB



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Created by RR_DF_RaptorRed