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Read before you request!!!!

PostPosted: Sun Dec 20, 2009 10:24 am
by RR_DF_RaptorRed
I will only say this once.
I cannot accept every single request simply because of time issues. I do a lot of work spread out over a number of projects. Skins are more readily accepted than models because of time as well. I will more readily accept a request if it's polite and not demanding.

1. Show me as many pictures as you can of what you want a skin/model based on. If it's not based on something, give me as much detail as possible. I don't like guesswork when it comes to creating something per someone's specifications.

I sometimes get busy with things, or forget, so I don't mind being prodded and reminded often. Just please don't start demanding because that is a sure way of turning me off a project.

Other than that, I love to help and make things for people so ask away!